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Focus DAILIES Progressives 30 Pack
Product Details
Base Curve 8.6 Diameter 13.8
Ciba Vision
30 lenses per box

focus dailies progressives 30 pack

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Focus DAILIES Progressives 30 Pack contact lens are a great choice for people who want the freedom to contact lenses combined with the versatility of multifocal lenses. These contact lenses are specially crafted to correct both near and far vision and gradually change lens power for a natural transition from distance to close-up. Focus DAILIES Progressives 30 Pack provide patients with presbyopia the additional hassle-free comfort of having a daily disposable contact lens. Because these multifocal contact lenses are replaced every day, there is no need to worry about maintenance and cleaning and users can enjoy a pair of fresh lens every day. Focus DAILIES Progressives 30 Pack are available in quantities of 30 lenses per box.
Your prescription
Your Focus DAILIES Progressives 30 Pack Prescription
Right Eye (OD)8.613.8
Left Eye (OS)8.613.8
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