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PureVision 2 Presbyopia
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Base Curve 8.6 Diameter 14.0
Bausch & Lomb
6 lenses per box

purevision 2 presbyopia

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New Pure Vision 2 for Presbyopia lenses provide clarity where it counts- in the real world, using the next generation 3-zone Progressive? Design. Designed for better vision without compromised distance vision. Improved near vision with more add power across the centre portion of the lens. Improved intermediate vision with a wider zone where add power gradually transitions to an accurate distance power and excellent distance vision which is maintaned for a more natural visual experience. Also with Comfort Moist? technology that coats the lens for comfort on insertion.
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QuantityPowerBCDiameterADD Power
Right Eye (OD)8.614.0
Left Eye (OS)8.614.0
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